Standard Vessels

To keep the service as affordable as possible we offer a choice of three standard vessels as part of the standard cremation cost.

Whichever vessel you choose, the ashes are contained within a secure snap lock bag inside the vessel. For a more personal tribute to your pet explore our range of urns and mementos  

Contact us  with any questions or to book your pet cremation service.

Scattering Tin (S3)

The scattering tin is a good option if you are intending to scatter your pets ashes. The ashes are sealed in a snap lock bag inside the tin

Drawstring Bag (S1)

Many owners choose the drawstring bag if intending to scatter the ashes at some stage or you would simply like to tuck them away at home. In both the niche box and the drawstring bag the ashes are sealed in a snap lock bag inside to help prevent any accidents.

Niche box

The ashes are contained in a Niche box, the same type as used for humans.

You may opt to have the Niche box sealed (S2S) as it is waterproof and very tough, allowing it to be buried in the garden. If burying the niche box in the garden you may like to consider the optional garden plaque to mark the location with your pet’s name and a personal message. When moving house in the future you can uncover the box and take it with you.

Alternatively you may choose to have the Niche box unsealed (S2U) in case you wish to transfer the ashes to a different container at a later stage.