Choose from our variety of urns

Your pet’s ashes are secured in a drawstring bag inside these metal urns, which are available in a variety of styles and can be personalised with one of the engraving options below. All engraving is formatted in uppercase unless otherwise requested.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for the products below.

Metal Urns

Enamelled Metal Urn $120

With Engraved Disc or Stand

These lovely metal urns are available in Blue, Pink and White and come in small medium and large sizes.
M7 – Blue
M8 – Pink
M9 – White

Peace Doves (M5) $120

With Engraved Disc or Stand

Available in small, medium and large sizes

Paw Print Blue (M2) $120

With Engraved Disc or Stand

Available in small, medium and large sizes

Paw Prints Slate (M4) $120 - $135

Laser Engraved $135, Engraved Disc or Stand $120

Brass brushed with paw prints – slate
Available in small, medium and large sizes

Paw Prints Pewter (M3) $120 - $135

Laser Engraved $135, Engraved Disc or Stand $120

Brushed pewter with brushed brass paw print
Available in small, medium and large sizes



Cat Forward Figurine (CF-B) $120

Engraved Disc or Stand

Brass cat Matt Black (one size only)

Paw Print Odyssey (M1) $120 - $135

Laser Engraved $135, Engraved Stand $120

Round brass urns with an electroplated finish of slate/pewter.

Available in small, medium and large sizes.
These urns suit pets up to 35kg.

Ceramic Urns (C1)

Ceramic Urns $70

Discs fit up to 45 characters of engraving. Available in four colours.

Bios Urn $189

Bios Urn is much more than an urn – it’s a catalyst for life. It is made using 100% biodegradable materials, and is respectful to the environment. The growth medium allows for the proper growth of a tree or plant when planted with the ashes of your beloved pet.

The Bios Urn is made up of two sections, the top capsule and the base section (or urn) which holds your pet’s ashes. The top capsule holds the grow medium for your seedling, and seals your pet’s ashes into the base. Your memorial will be best served by selecting a seedling from a garden centre local to your planting location.



  • How much does the urn hold?

The capacity is 2.6L. which is sufficient for a large pet.

  • How long does it take for the Bios Urn to bio-degrade?

The level of moisture that the Bios Urn is exposed to will vary the breakdown time. Studies resulted in break down times of 6-10 weeks.

  • How deep do I bury the Bios Urn?

The top of the urn should be approx. 2-3cm below the ground surface for best results

  • How long can the Bios Urn sit on the shelf before it breaks down?

The Bios Urn has an abundant shelf life if it is not exposed to moisture. Store in a dry place.

  • Can I put the Bios Urn into a pot plant?

Yes, as long as the plant size is suitable so it does not out-grow the pot

  • Why do you recommend a seedling over a seed?

Australian native seeds are tricky to grow, and very slow to grow. The idea of sourcing a seedling has multiple benefits. a) the user has a very wide selection of plant type, which makes this a more personalised process. b) the seedling will be hardened to the local climate, so it will be ready to grow in a similar location c) the time taken to select the desired seedling can help with the grieving / celebration process.

Garden Memorial Urn $275 - $315

Rock Face Sandstone (P1) $315. Comes with a stainless steel plaque
Polished Granite (P2) $295. Comes with an engraved inscription
Smooth Sandstone (P16) $275. Comes with an engraved inscription.

Size: 15 x 15 x 24cm. Suitable for pets up to 55Kg.
Receptacle for ashes on underside.

These garden urns are sourced from external craftspeople. Please allow 2 – 3 weeks for return of ashes with these urns.

The Garden Memorial Urn is available with one of these graphics: