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The Lawnswood Team Outside of Bayswater

Meet our local animal-loving team

Our Lawnswood story began right here in Perth in 1984, with our animal-loving team dedicated to offering personal and affordable pet cremation and funeral services. Our services are built on strong values and an ongoing commitment to providing our customers with the highest levels of professional and compassionate support.

We are an Australian owned and operated business and our team is here to support you through your grief, whenever and wherever you may need us. We understand the importance of honouring the memory of your beloved pet, helping to give them the thoughtful and heartfelt goodbye they deserve.

Our team members are still the wonderful caring people that have been supporting you locally for decades. We are proud to look after the families of Western Australia xo

Andrew with Martian and Apache

State Manager: Andrew Maguiness

Pet’s Name: Martian (Black) Apache (Tabby)
Pet’s Favourite Food: Chicken
Your Favourite Local Place To Eat: Cosy Del’s
Why are you passionate about working for Lawnswood?
The opportunity to lead a dedicated team in delivering compassionate pet aftercare services, upholding exceptional standards, and embracing our shared values of honouring the love between pets and their families is what fuels my passion for working at Lawnswood.
Favourite Memory From Work:
During my very first week, I was deeply moved as I observed a member of our customer team engage in a heartfelt and personalised phone conversation to console a lady who had just recently lost her cherished pet—a moment that truly exemplified the exceptional compassion that defines the Lawnswood team.

Cherie Cadd and Coco - LWD

Relationship Manager: Cherie Cadd

Pet’s Name: Coco
Pet’s Favourite Food: Roast Lamb
Your Favourite Local Place To Eat: Coco’s
How long have you been with Lawnswood?
Nearly 5 years
Why are you passionate about working for Lawnswood?
I  had heard about Lawnswood long before I joined them 5 years ago. I loved their Customer Service ethos. So many of our team have been with Lawnswood for 9,11,13,14 years as it’s a lovely family-orientated place to work every day. Everyone at Lawnswood loves animals and wants to make a difference to someone who has just lost a beloved fur baby.
Favourite Memory From Work:
The people that come up to me when I’m in my Lawnswood car or uniform thanking me for the wonderful service we have provided.  Sometimes I get a huge fright when they just put their head inside my window to talk to me, but it’s so lovely that we have been able to help them during a heartbreaking time.

Daniel la Roux - LWD

Relationship Manager: Daniel le Roux

Pet’s Name: Lucy
Pet’s Favourite Food: She loves any leftovers from the table
Your Favourite Local Place To Eat: Fugu 8
How long have you been with Lawnswood?
Nearly 3 years
Why are you passionate about working for Lawnswood?
When I joined, I had been working in the vet industry for 11 years and had heard many positive comments about Lawnswood, their staff, and their valued ethics. Having a father and grandfather being vets, I had no difficulty in joining Lawnswood when the opportunity arose as it gave me the opportunity to care and provide for pets in a very rewarding manner. 
Favourite Memory From Work:
Every day has a favourite memory…. as Relationship Managers we receive a copy of every ‘thank you’ from clients who have used our services. It is warming to hear these positive comments from clients thanking our staff for making their emotional journey much easier.

Celeste and Jet - LWD

Client Care Manager: Celeste Walker

Pet’s Name: Jet (Netherland Dwarf)
Pet’s Favourite Food: Banana & Chinese Greens
Your Favourite Local Place To Eat: Anywhere in Scarborough
How long have you been with Lawnswood?
9 Years
Why are you passionate about working for Lawnswood?
The entire team at Lawnswood are absolute animal lovers and provide a compassionate and caring aftercare service for pets. Lawnswood is there for pets and their owners through a trying time and I’m proud to work for such an ethical and genuine local company.
Favourite Memory From Work:
Honestly, it’s every day. Sharing heartfelt stories and working alongside such an amazing and dedicated team.

David Melbin with Caviar - LWD

Field Team Manager: David Melbin

Pet’s Name: Caviar
Pet’s Favourite Food: Tuna
Your Favourite Local Place To Eat: Emma’s Seafood & Dim Sum
How long have you been with Lawnswood?
2 years
Why are you passionate about working for Lawnswood?
Ensuring our client’s pets are treated with the upmost respect and dignity whilst in our care
Favourite Memory From Work:
Special interactions with families when they receive their beloved family pet’s ashes back home

The values that shape who we are

  • Offering our customers the highest levels of individualised service
  • Dedication to providing caring and compassionate support at all times
  • Treating all families and pets with the utmost respect
  • Providing absolute honesty and transparency across our processes
Mother and daughter with their two golden retrievers

Community Support

At Lawnswood, we are passionate animal lovers committed to supporting local organisations, such as: Guide Dogs Australia, Another Chance Animal Rescue, Cat Haven, Dog’s Refuge Home, Homeless & Abused Animal Rescue Team, Staffy & Bully Breed Rescue Inc, Wish Animal Rescue Team and Pets in the Park. We are dedicated to making a positive impact in our community.


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Our services are also available in the Eastern States.
We established Edenhills in 2010, backed by our strong team culture and values.