Your Pet’s Journey

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Our Lawnswood team is ready to offer you the caring support you need when you need it most. Our 7 Point Pet Tracking System offers complete peace of mind, helping to ensure the ashes of your pet, and only your pet, are returned to you.

Pet Tracker

Lance & Maddie

Girl holding her small pet rabbit close whilst giving it a kiss on the head in the park

Your pet’s journey

pet id tag icon
Initial booking and collection We assign a unique ID number to your pet at the time of booking and create an ID tag that contains your pet’s details (name, breed and location).
Confirmation Once your pet is in our care, we validate their ID tag against our Pet Tracker to ensure we have received all the details required for us to proceed with their cremation.
Keepsakes created We check your pet’s ID tag prior to their cremation and attend to any special requests (such as creating a paw print memento or taking some hair or fur clippings).
Pet cremation checklist icon
Cremation We place your pet’s ID tag on their private cremation chamber and validate this tag before and after their cremation.
pet’s ashes in pet urn icon
Memorialisation When placing your pet’s ashes into your chosen urn or keepsake, their ID tag is validated against our Pet Tracker and their ID label is confirmed.
Final inspection We conduct a final quality inspection to confirm your pet’s details and the completion of any special requests.
Home icon with pet id tag
Your pet comes home When returning your pet’s ashes home, we carry out one final check, matching your pet’s unique ID details against your address.

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