Heart in Diamond

From $3,020

This bespoke diamond allows you to reflect on the memory of your pet with a diamond that is as unique as they were. Created from the signature carbon found in your pet’s ashes or fur, the heart in diamond is a true piece of your pet to treasure forever.

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Available in the following colours: orange-yellow, yellow-green, red, blue and white.


*The colour and tint of each diamond is completely unique, and cannot be controlled.


Budget (0.10-0.19) – 3mm

¼ Carat (0.20-0.34) – 4.1mm

½ Carat (0.45-0.64) – 5.1mm

¾ Carat (0.65-0.89) – 5.8mm

1 Carat (0.90-1.19) – 6.4mm

1¼ Carat (1.20-1.39) – 7mm

1½ Carat (1.40-1.59) – 7.4mm

2 Carat (1.90-2.09) – 8.1mm


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