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Ethics & Values

At Lawnswood we employ animal lovers who understand what our clients are going through.

As a team we value:

  • A calm and steady approach, aiming for 100% success in our daily service
  • Compassion, doing whatever we can to care for our clients feelings
  • Treating everyone with respect
  • Resolving any issues promptly and efficiently

Being absolutely positive in our identification of each pet is one very important aspect of our work.

Our clients need to know that they are getting their pet’s ashes returned and for this reason each pet is identified by their name, surname, breed and location of collection.

Every pet is given a unique Identification Number just in case we collect a pet of similar name and breed from the same location on the same day. Nothing is left to chance and we re-check the pet’s details through each step of their journey.

We have a saying within our team – “Never assume anything

“We understand what
you are going through.” 

Jessie Stringer (1993-2007)

Jessie guards the Cemetery from her grave at the entrance.