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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Lawnswood Pet Cremation and Cemetery?

Our pet is an important and much loved member of our family, with whom we have developed a deep and emotional attachment, therefore when a pet passes, owners feel that they deserve respect and dignity like any other member of the family.

Many people either rent, have very little garden space or do not want to leave their pet behind when moving house. Others simply can not face the physical act of burying their own pet.

Whatever the reason, thousands of WA families have used Lawnswood to help them with their pets final arrangements.

Will it be my pet’s ashes coming back to me?

Yes. We use a strict identification system to ensure the identity of ashes throughout the process. Every pet is given a unique Identification Number just in case we collect a pet of similar name and breed from the same location on the same day. We use a purpose built crematorium and we return all ashes, not just a token amount. Nothing is left to chance and we re-check the details through each step in the process. We have a motto within our team – “Never assume anything”.

This has been a very important aspect of our service over the years and is something that we will never compromise on.

Will my pet be treated with dignity?

Lawnswood was started in 1984 and our approach has always been to treat the pets like they are our own. A pre-requisite for working at Lawnswood is that you are an animal lover and have had pets yourself. This helps us appreciate what our customers are going through and why the pets deserve the respect that any other member of the family would receive.

Can we speed up the return of the ashes?

Yes. If vessel details and payment are given at the time of booking confirmation, we can prioritise the return of your pet’s ashes. We can even return your pet’s ashes within a day with our Platinum Service option. Speak to our team about which option suits you best.

Do you offer any payment options?

During these times of uncertainty, Lawnswood is offering Zip Pay as an alternative payment method. This payment option gives you the ability to honour your pet whilst still allowing you the flexibility to pay at your own pace, with installments you can afford. Please contact our Client Care team on (08) 9248 6494 should you wish to discuss this payment option.

When is my pet cremated?

Usually within 12-24 hours of collection from the Vet.

Can I be present at the cremation?

Yes. While most people prefer not to be present at the cremation we understand that some people like to have the option.

Lawnswood has invested in building a dedicated viewing room specifically for this purpose. The fee to book the room is $50 and allows family members to watch the process in a safe and dignified manner.

If you would like to attend the cremation then please let us know at the time of your initial booking or phone our main contact number 9248 6464.

Where is Lawnswood Pet Cemetery?

Lawnswood’s Pet Cemetery and Crematorium is located an hour’s drive east of Perth at Clackline, near Northam in the Avon Valley. The cemetery is a bush setting with mostly native trees and bushes.

What sort of engraving do people have?

Everyone is different. Some people find dates, breeds or pedigree names important while others just want the pet’s name. Whatever you choose just remember that what you engrave should represent what you feel about your pet’s entire life, not just the days surrounding their death. Our engraved vessels include the engraving of your pet’s name and two additional lines.

How do I book a pet cremation?

Simply contact us and we can handle everything for you.

How can I be sure I will receive my pet’s ashes?

We have a proven identification process that ensures the integrity of our individual pet cremation services. When we collect your pet, we record their name, surname and breed, and assign them with a unique ID number.

Do you provide pet cremation services in my area?

In addition to the Perth metro area, we operate throughout Western Australia in areas as far north as Broome and Karratha, to Margaret River in the South West.

How much notice do I need to give?

We understand that the loss of your beloved pet can happen at short notice, simply contact us on 9248 6464. However, if you are booking a euthanasia with your vet, please book with us once you know a date and time. That way, we can ensure the most prompt and seamless service.

As pet lovers, we understand how important it is to know that your pet’s ashes are returned to you, so we don’t leave anything to chance – our motto is ‘never assume anything’. This personal commitment, combined with our tried-and-tested identification procedure means we are able to guarantee that we return your pet’s ashes and only their ashes home to you.