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Heart in Diamond

Heart in Diamond Selection

Choosing how to commemorate our pets when they pass can be a very difficult decision. Ultimately we want something that reflects them, that reflects the relationship that we had with them and that will stand the test of time, after all these furry family members stay in our hearts forever.

We are now proud to be able to offer memorial diamonds to our clients. Whether you have your pets ashes from a few years back, your beloved fur friend has just passed, or they are still with you but you’d like to have a diamond made while they are still here then this is something you can consider.

Memorial diamonds are made by extracting your pets signature carbon found in their fur or ashes. This carbon is then put under extreme temperature and pressure to grow a real diamond, atom by atom, from your pet. They have the exact same chemical, optical and physical properties as a mined diamond however these diamonds are as unique as your pet. Every time you look down at your ring or hold your pendant next to your heart you are holding a piece of them, a bond that can never be broken.

Our memorial diamonds come in five different colours, orange/yellow, green/yellow, red, blue and white. We have a range of sizes and shapes, and can even organise jewellery for you. These are diamonds like no other. Your love, your life together, your bond.

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